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I can write your copy. I can give you optimized, search-engine friendly SEO articles. I can put together a decent lyric or jingle. I can write a review of your product or service for your site.

Do you need words to express how you feel? Or something to read to your infant as he or she falls asleep? Do you need some words for your business, product, or skill? I can provide all the above. Best of all,

  • my terms are flexible,
  • my prices are reasonable,
  • and my service is always timely.

I am also available for collaboration. Do you have a project that requires an imaginative writer? I can bring fresh ideas and a different perspective to the table.

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My Writer’s Resume / CV

Sample Works / Clips


You can contact me right here, or email me at sb@silenciobarnes.org



Silencio Barnes

also writing as R. Armstrong or dba rashadowEnterprises

Rochester MN, 55904






To provide for my family off the strength of my words. To make my words heard, even if it is with another’s voice. To publish a respected work of fiction. To offer knowledgeable information to those that want or need it.


Experience and Skills

  • General Writing – I can speak clearly and authoritatively on any subject or keyword. I am a versatile writer that knows how to research any subject effectively to write about it. I do not shy from any project. I have written everything from personal historical profiles to frank descriptions of adult video clips for my clients.
  • Writing for the Web (SEO) – Most of my writing work is web-based. My articles appear on sites all over the web. This includes blog posts, keyword articles, copy writing and other forms of website content. Outside of client work, I maintain many of my own blogs and sites.
  • Review Writing (Media, Technology, Description) – I write reviews for myself as well as for clients. My reviews span many forms of entertainment and media including books, movies and television. Many of my technology reviews are found in many places around the Internet. This includes mobile phones, tablets, televisions and various forms of new technology.
  • Press Releases
  • Creative Writing (Poetry, Lyrics, etc.) – I write poetry and lyrics. In the past, some have contracted me to write and read verse at various events and shows. I write many hip-hop and pop lyrics, but can extend my writing to any genre. Examples of my lyrics and my poetry are on my website. Personally, I am working on my own line of fantasy-themed novels.
  • Content Mills and Freelancer Sites

I am a member of good standing on many freelance sites and content mills. Many of my previous clients have been users of these sites that decided to hire me directly.

  • Freelancer.com – Various types of work for different clients. Much of it appears in various websites and article databases. Work includes
    • SEO keyword articles,
    • instructional ebooks,
    • marketing articles,
    • online gambling articles,
    • articles about hentai,
    • and articles about copywriting.
  • WritersDomain.com – Keyword articles spanning an uncountable number of topics including
    • real estate,
    • dentistry,
    • electronic cigarettes,
    • physiotherapy,
    • garage doors
    • and various other topics for businesses.
  • Textbroker.com – Assorted work pulled from the writing pool as well as from direct clients.
  • InteractMedia – Articles on design, home decor, and regional events.


Client List

I have worked directly for or in service of several clients. Work of mines has appeared in places in service to:

  • Lodingo.com – Many business articles and profiles of prominent and motivational people.
  • Tabletpccomparison.net – A regular stream of articles detailing new tablet PC’s, comparing them and providing reviews.
  • Freepornvideo.eu (defunct) – Provided graphic descriptions of video clips for client to display with said clips.
  • Cheap-smartphones.net (defunct, but articles still online) – Provided all the smartphone reviews for the site.
  • Econtentaxis.com – Created content of all types for the Content Axis copywriting co.

also wifi-tv.org, blog.theexchangeatbriercreek.com, blog.rivernorthpark.com, blog.trilogybuilds.com, sme-blog.com, cuwatercooler.com, comparerentersinsurance.net, cheekytweaks.com, and many more.


Publication List and Clips

Partial List, More Samples and Examples Available on Request

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